Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design



Interior Architecture and Environmental Design


I consider that people who are associated with the Izmir University of Economics, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, have a shared purpose and in addition to their sense of precision about creating interior spaces, this approach also create a great enthusiasm to set these places more functional and aesthetic. Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, as understood from its title, is creating any kind of interior space that is well thought out, with its air quality, lighting, and fire prevention. Above all, it is a profession that works to serve the community.

We greatly value the profession of Interior Architecture, as it ensures equal professional opportunities for both men and women, and hope to share this passion with you within our department.

Our vision is not to act small but to achieve an international distinction. For 13 years, since our department was founded in 2004, the international publications and experiences of our instructors; workshops and seminars that we organized with partners from Australia, Japan, U.S.A, France, Holland, Greece and many more, our students and instructors who had the chance to go abroad with the Erasmus Exchange Program, the research we conducted within our IAED Research Hub, our collaborations with the Chamber of Interior Architects and IFI (The International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers) and our works that compete with the best universities in our field, are signs that we are movin forward in achieving our ambitions.

As the Head of the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, I proudly watch the accomplishments of our students and instructors and observe that there is more to do for our profession and for our community. If you are a candidate who is interested in this profession, first join us to have the best quality of education, and then become one of the successful graduates and colleagues that work in many fields. Our mission is for our education to prepare you to with the best standards for professional and academic life after graduation.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Deniz Hasırcı
Department Head, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design